It is an exciting week getting ready for Tuesday and Chris Kennedy’s visit. We are late getting our posts done because Cari Ann is out of town. So, before she comes back we must have a meeting with the staff to get organized for the event. Fortunately, Alderman Rose can be at the meeting allowing us to finalize every portion.

Then because Cari Ann still has not returned, Kyra does the post. Kyra is very good at this kind of computer work. We finish the meeting. Everyone is very enthusiastic about the planning. We are going to start one hour before Kennedy arrives (at 5 PM) so that there is a crowd assembled for his arrival. We are serving what I am going to call heavy appetizers, Amish chicken legs, house made Irish bacon, house made banger sausages, Irish fish cake bites with aioli, ceviche with house made chips, romaine leaves spread with a choice of Caesar dressing or bleu cheese dressing and grilled zucchini sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan.

We are all very self-congratulatory. Even though we started a week late on this part of the project, everyone including me, thinks we have caught up and that our timing might be the best because people tend to forget something that is over a week away. I am really getting excited as we now approach the actual event.
I am a child of the sixties. I was a freshman at hopelessly liberal Beloit College when I was eighteen and watched the president’s assassination on television. Then in 68 I watched his brother’s death in California. Recently I have read Ted Kennedy’s ‘True Course’ and a biography of John’s early years by Nigel Green. They were not perfect people but they put the needs of the nation ahead of their own wants or desires. I am an Irish Bar owner in Rockford Illinois and Bobby Kennedy’s son is coming here on the Fourth of July, his birthday.

Then its Thursday night, Cari Ann’s first night back behind the bar. For some unknown reason, we decide that we should get the computer from upstairs and look at the post. It has not posted, there is something about our post that Facebook doesn’t like. It must be for over eighteen. Evidently persons under that age are not supposed to know about politics according to Facebook.

Cari Ann is on it like a dog on a bone. We almost put the computer away, thinking that we will not get an acceptance until Morning, when there it is, our acceptance pops up and the event is posted. Good job guys.