October 2016

Sales and Beef


First of all, let me say that thanks to our customers, we have had a wonderful month. I haven’t seen growth like this for a number of years. Part of it is the shake out of new businesses downtown. When a new business opens down here it takes a little from all the rest of [...]

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September 2016

Things Happen


For those of you who are following my post, I have to apologize for not keeping it up last week. Actually I wrote a blog and had Cari-Ann post it but I changed my mind about running it so I had Abigail pull it down. The reasons shall be secret. I had written disparagingly about [...]

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October 2014

Cornille Produce


My produce guy was Charlie Trotter’s produce guy. Doubt me? Just look at Charlie’s book on vegetables. The second page is a picture of Tom’s shop in the old market shot from the balcony. The people in it are Bennie and Alice. You wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t been going there for twenty years [...]

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March 2014

In Search of the perfect Corned Beef or is it Bacon?


Over thirty years of being downtown have come up to a lot of St. Patrick’s days, for which we have to find, cook and serve corned beef. With a name like the Irish Rose, you don’t want to have middling corned beef. Besides, the essence of good corned beef and cabbage is not the corned [...]

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January 2014

Local Business vs. Fake Steak


Last Sunday I took my friend Amy and my former tenants in my Rockton building, Tom and Michelle out to dinner. During the course of the afternoon and early evening we went to three restaurants, all local. I only patronize local restaurants. Not only is the food markedly better but the money stays here in [...]

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December 2013

Local vs. Quality


When my son was here from Budapest in September he said something that got me thinking. He said the most important thing he thought I did for my restaurant business was writing my column. Now I have no column to write but I am going to make up for it by keeping this blog. I [...]

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